Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Vigala Maarja (St. Mary) Congregation is situated in Rapla County, 90 kilometres from Tallinn towards Pärnu, along Via Baltica Road. The first written proof of the congregation dates back to the year 1339, with the mentioning of Vigala priest Johannes of the Dominican Order. Vigala parish was referred to, for the first time, in 1390, when the borders of Sulu mansion, belonging to Märjamaa parish, and Velise mansion, belonging to Vigala parish, were determined. Mentioning a parish automatically meant that there had to be a church.

   The preserved part of the first church, the present-day vestry, shows that it was constructed at the beginning of the 15th century at the latest. The church hall was built in 1845. The church steeple was ready in 1933 and it is simultaneously a memorial for those perished in the War of Independence. Vigala church has a very old and unique stone cross with a bishop's figure, and it is presumably even older than the church itself. The church also has old and beautiful stained glasses; three organs are in good shape and are used for organ concerts. The church is connected to the Uexküll family, who had a mansion in Vana-Vigala and who have made a number of donations to the church.

   In 2008, there were 1,500 people in the parish. The congregation had 346 members, who had made their membership donations in 2008. Since 2004, Kristiina Jõgi is the pastor of the congregation. Active work with children takes place in Vigala. The congregation has Sunday school groups.
Services are held every Sunday at 11 in the morning. On more important church holidays, choirs sing in the church. The pastor of the congregation visits elderly people at home, and also the nursing home in Vigala and the nursing home.

   As the financial means of the congregation are rather limited, a lot of work is done voluntarily without any pay. Vigala has friendship congregations in Halsteren the Netherlands and in Erkner Germany and they have provided assistance for Vigala congregation.

   Vigala church and congregation are worth visiting and seeing.

You are welcome to Vigala.

Vigala pastor